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Allium ursinum, spring is its season

Forests are turning green, wilde garlic or bear's onion  is one of the firsts to pop up. All parts are edible, raw or cooked.  Anti-bacterial, anti- fungal, helps with high blood pressure, acts as antioxidant.

Add it into salads, soups, mashed potato. Here you can receive 3 new recipes with this treasure of the spring forests: burger, subji and pesto (low budget version).

Wild garlic has blood thinning properties, if you are taking blood thinner, be cautious.

If you are not certain of the leaves, wait for blossoming, the flowers are distinctive.

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Ingredients / 4 portions 

300 grams Wild Garlic leaves washed and chopped generously

2 pcs of turnips or parsnips sliced

2 middle size onions chopped fine

1 tbs romain cumin

200ml coconut milk (without added sugar) 

3 tbs organic fat or olive oil 

2 teaspoon salt 

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

I sliced thin carrot pieces on it with a vegetable a peeler to represent more colours for the meal.

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for Wild Garlic subji:


Warm up the oil or fat in a larger pan, add the cumin. When it starts bubbling add the onion and fry until its colour turns gold. Then you add the leaves that you cook under lid for 10-15 minutes. They should soften, shrink and darken in colour. When this happens season it with the rest of the ingredients and cook it for another 3 minutes. To reserve the beneficial properties of turmeric we don't heat treat it longer than 3 min.).

Green Pesto

Made of wild garlic that is all over the forests these days. If you pick it, make sure you don't mistake it for Lily of the valley. (Frankly, for me they don't look similar at all, especially when it's flowering, but some people made this fatal mistake.)

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Wild Garlic Pesto


100 grams Wild Garlic leaves washed and chopped fine;

100 grams graded Pecorino Romano

1/2 a cup ground sun flower seed

1/2 a cup ground pumpkin seed

1/2 a cup of extra virgin olive oil

1 coffee spoon Himalayan salt


Directions: in a food processor mix it all together. 



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Ingredients for 8 Wild Garlic Burgers 

100 grams Wild Garlic leaves washed and chopped fine

1 middle size onion chopped fine

5 eggs if you use gluten free flour, if it's regular wheat flour 3 eggs can be enough;

1 cup flour (I used here plantain flour, but you can try chickpeas and or arrow root mix 50%-50%)

5 tbs milk (I used coconut milk)

Butter for baking

Parmesan to decorate the top

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for 8 Wild Garlic Burgers:


Warm up the butter in a griddle pan and add the wild garlic with onion. While they are cooking mix the rest of the ingredients in a ball. When onion is soft add it to the content of the ball and mix it well. Now warm up a small amount of organic fat or olive oil in a clean griddle pan and shallow fry the burgers that you form from the final mix. Serve with graded Parmesan /Pecorino Romano on the top.

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