Endo-Gym, Endocrine Gym or Endocrine Yoga

It's a movement therapy that works alongside your hormone producing organs and puts a great emphasis on stimulating the lymphatic drainage. Cutting edge breathing technics and respiratory muscle strengthening are also part of the method that tap into vagus nerve activation.

heIt revolutionised the field by recommending the practice in sync with the circadian and infradian rhythms.

The Endo-Gym® trademark has been registered since 2015.


Results of 251 women who learned and practiced Endo-Gym in Brussels from 4 months to 7 years indicate that its Booster exercises significantly increase the chance of successful IVF, potentially due to AMH increase. The statistics  show that these exercises help reversing early menopause and the POPin practice can alleviate pelvic floor dysfunction.

You can learn and practice Endo-Gym in the Hormone Club.

Boosters you can practice also in Croatia, Estonia, Hungary and in the US.

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