Tickets and Fees for Classes in Person

Private or 1-0-1: You are welcome to join group or private Endo-Gym /Endo-Yoga classes in several European facilities in Brussels. Private class is held 1-0-1 with full attention on your wellbeing and skills to grow. When more than 1 person is present, you attend a group class.

Fee's: Private class is €60, trial class on a group session is €15, occasional participation on group class is not supported, upon special agreement is €18. Package price on group sessions depend on the season. It's announced always before ticket sales. 

Next season: 15. April- 16. July

Since November 2023 I've aligned my way of working to the altered working habits and hours spent in the offices after the pandemic. Following up on this change instead of 10 session card I offer season tickets now. These tickets can be used unlimited number of times within each given season. 

Promotional package prices! 

For  Hormone Clubbers  20% discount

"I chose ReShaper" Eva


"Right before summer I found it. Now still a month to go but I start to feel confident with my body in swim suit. Sometimes I thought I would never get there, but finally now! You should not get annoyed, you will be held accountable :). that's how I managed to change some of my old habits. That's the price you pay :) and that's OK, They were bad habits after all, and here I am, beautiful again :). Thank You!"

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"I've just finished the Grand Booster program. Happily I have to say, because my cycle became 28 days long, earlier it was always 23. Also my periods became symptomless, no pain and no brown spotting before and on the last 2 days. Just nice red. I feel simply younger and fresher and this gives me more self confidence. "


-Miranda B.

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