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Timetable for group classes:

IN PERSON in Brussels 17€ / class or 150€ for 10 classes

Monday 12:15 Rue Belliard 101. Booster

Friday 12:30 Rue Belliard 101. POPin


ONLINE through the Hormone Club with unlimited participation. In case of combo membership online and in person classes are open:

Weekdays: 8:00-8:20 CET Good Morning (lymph stimulation)

Tuesday 12:30-13:00 CET Endo-Gym Booster 

once a month Wednesday 20:15-21:15 CET POPin

Thursday 12:30-13:30 CET Endo-Gym Booster 

once a month Sunday 10:00-10:30 AviOnly 


INDIVIDUAL sessions see packages under Consultation or: 

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Endocrine Gymnastics

You should not be soar after exercising. When exercising Endo-Gym® you gift yourself with complementary treatment for several hormone related problems. I's a personalised, functional approach based on special exercises, that activate the hormonal glands, lymphatic drainage and the vagus nerve. The exercise routines are topped up with problem related food choice adjustment. They can help you with:

* Reproductive functions 

* Thyroid functions

* Cortisol dysregulations

* Pelvic floor functions.

Endo-Gym is beneficial for men and women. The following quiz are designed for women. If you are a man and would like to ask similar questionnaire designed for you, get in touch. Find out if any of the focus areas can help you by going through the adequate quiz here below:
Sex Hormone Quiz for women Pelvic Floor Quiz for women Thyroid Quiz for women Cortisol Quiz for women Timetable

Boost your sex hormones

Workshop on Sex hormone boosting exercises: 30th Jan. 13:00-15:30. Register: [email protected] Check out the study on 251 women who were practicing the boosters.

Resolve pelvic floor dysfunctions

by exercising POPin. Check out what others experienced on the POPin classes:


Continue finding out about POPin.

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Register for a trial class one time off 

You can try a class with occasional payment (€12 / class) once. Payment should be transferred electronically to 

BE03 7340 4227 0484 with your name mentioned or pay with PayPal -details I send you in email.

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