Endocrine Gymnastics

a functional way of exercising that

offers complementary treatment for several hormone related problems. Endo-Gym® stimulates your endocrine glands for better work, which then in response will release the mix of hormones that makes you function and feel better and happier. 

When practicing regular Endo-Gym® you

=>Improve your sex hormone mix 

=> Can increase your AMH or minimise your menopausal symptoms

=>Strengthen your Core 

=> Learn  Pelvic Hub control

=> Improve thyroid functions

Thyroid Quiz

Endo-Gym Can Help You

When practicing these exercises you do a functional, physical routine that is carefully designed to increase blood flow to your hormonal glands in your pelvic cavity, the thyroids in your throat and for further glands in the head. You will nourish the adrenals in your back and the mesentery on the belly. Mesentery is the latest discovered organ with significant hormonal responsibilities. These exercises improve your digestion and metabolism further they tone all your core muscles.

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It Helped Many Of Us

Our happiest moments of Endo-Gym® are when we see babies delivered babies after infertility problems, after P.C.O.S. or in older age due to the practice. It needs your work!

You can do it. 

What Can You Do With It?

If your periods are irregular, Endo-Gym® is for you. If you feel strong PMS, mood swings, if your menopause is too early, or the symptoms are too strong, Endo-Gym can be your complementary, natural remedy. 

You are in peri-menopause, losing libido, your fertility markers are shrinking and gaining weight? Practice Endo-Gym® regularly and your life will change.


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Dinner Ideas to maximize the quality of your connective tissue, muscle tone and elasticity of your skin.

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Pelvic Hub Control

Start with the Free exercise bundle towards mastering your Pelvic Hub Control

The Hormone-Brain Connection conference is postponed until further notice

Meet your hormones through top gynaecologists and scientists. The symposium is organised by the Institute for Endocrine Gymnastics in the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. You will hear about female viagra, ageing ovaries and fertility preservation. In between the lectures we keep you focused with Hormone Yoga and Endo-Gym exercises. And you will enjoy a mouthwatering, vegetable rich lunch and gluten free cakes form Natuurelles. 

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Try This Safe Endo-Gym Routine

This is the so called Nitric Oxide Dump. It is safe because it won't traumatise your pelvic floor. This routine stimulates your body’s release of nitric oxide (NO), improving your mitochondrial health, slowing down age-related muscle decline and boosting heart health. All this is helping to maintain the quality of your connective tissue that holds your pelvic organs up in their place. You will enjoy it a lot!


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