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Read the science behind eating colours

Eat all of the colours of the rainbow 

The more colours you eat you will be provided with the better mix of building blocks for your personal bio-chemical laboratory, so your body has a better chance of producing everything you need.

Colourful Leek Pate

Ingredients: 1 leek chopped fine, 100 grams mushrooms of choice chopped fine, 2 tbs. olive oil or fat for taste, 1 tbs. romain cumin, 200 grams feta, 5 tbs. finely ground cashew, 5 tbs. ground sunflower seed, 1 tsp turmeric powder, a small garlic crushed, 2 tsp Himmalayan salt, and a bit of parsley finely chopped;

Directions: Start with peeling, cleaning the vegetables, crush the garlic (leave it on air until use to maximize its anti-inflammatory properties). Heat up the oil in a bigger grid, add the cumin, and when it starts to react on the heat add the leek, then after 2 minutes the mushroom. Cook them now under a lid for 3-5 minutes.  Add the feta, wait till it melts and mix the ground nuts and seeds in with the garlic and spices. You don't need to cook it much longer anymore, max 2 minutes and switch the fire off. If you now crush it with a potato masher, the texture will be nicer, less smooth. But if you prefer smooth cream for breakfast, use the hand mixer. Add something red, like red pepper or tomato for serving.

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