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Hormone Club


Begin anywhere! Time flies...


You are often thinking that you should do it, you should exercise, you should eat better, you should sleep more... Listen, time flies. YOU ARE HERE AND NOW.  

Begin anywhere! 

You are constantly on the go-go after work spending time with the spouse, with the friends, with the kids, and you believe there is no time left for yourselves. 

This very private membership will CHANGE THIS FOREVER. It will make you feel taken care of through the immense benefits of  

=> unlimited online classes

=> recorded versions if you can't attend 

=> variety of recorded Endo-Gym practices in a variety of length on your membership site

=> special practices for different targets

=> practices aligned with your circadian rhythm

 => VIP price on related workshops, publications and events. 


Step in and feel special! You are.


Please note, in our experience these exercises may result in changing your medical plan, however, about medication and health problems always consult with your medical professional!


I have contacted Kata because I was in a very stressful period of my life, struggling with office problems and also with hormonal imbalance which created, also, issues in my intimate life. The first conversations I had with Kata were very useful, especially because she's a very positive person and she put me immediately in the correct mood to face and solve my issues. She helped me a lot to reduce the stress, with positive attitude conversations and relaxation exercises. I have learned exercises for my thyroid, my lower back and pelvic organs. She introduced me to a new type of food which can help in my daily life to improve my hormonal situation. This new diet is also helping my husband, who finally also changed his nutrition routine. Most important, she gave me some very important advice to solve my intimate issues and to rise my progesterone level. I am very happy about the cycle of meetings I had with her. She's amazing.


My darling Kata, For 3 month now I've practised 2 day per week the Endo-Gym, and I got my period after 28 days every month!! Not like before 27 days then 22 days or 26....thanks!! kissessssssssssssssssssssssss


Dear Kata, This is to quickly let you know that I got my test result from last Tuesday. My AMH was 2,01. You know, earlier it was 1,39. Thank you Endo-Gym so much!


A big thank you for hosting today's session! Taking your time and explaining it all so well for the two of us was priceless. Having done a lot of yoga and qigong over the years these Aviva exercises felt like the perfect concentrated version of them all i.e. where not one minute felt "wasted" and they all had a logic purpose which was felt in the body along with the correct breathing for the lymph. Very impressed. I wish you a very nice summer. Kind regards and many thanks


Hi Kata, good news, I actually got my period this week. Very light, but for the time being no hot flushes. I am doing every day a few minutes of the routine you gave me! See you next week,