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Green Pesto

Made of wild garlic that is all over the forests these days. If you pick it, make sure you don't mistake it for Lily of the valley. (Frankly, for me they don't look similar at all, especially when it's flowering, but some people made this fatal mistake.)

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Wild Garlic Pesto


100 gram wild garlic washed and chopped fine;

100 gram graded Pecorino Romano

1/2 a cup ground sun flower seed

1/2 a cup ground pumpkin seed

1/2 a extra virgin cup olive oil

1 coffee spoon Himalayan salt


Directions: in a food processor mix it all together. 



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Ingredients for 8 Wild Garlic Burgers 

100 gram wild Garlic washed and chopped fine

1 middle size onion chopped fine

5 eggs if you use gluten free flour, 4 if it's regular wheat flour

1 cup flour (I used here plantain flour)

5 tbs milk (coconut milk is also fine)

Butter for baking

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for 8 Wild Garlic Burgers:


Warm up the butter in a griddle pan and add the wild garlic with onion. While they are softening mix the rest of the ingredients up in a ball, when onion is soft add the content of the griddle plan to the ball as well, and bake the burgers now in butter.  For serving graded Parmesan is quite nice.

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